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The entire range of our products has been carefully engineered by keeping basic values of ergonomic, physiology and anthropometrics upper most in our design. They are born not just out of whim or unthinking adaptation from foreign models, but out of several long years of painstaking and pioneering research and development. We offer not just for dynamically active products; but keeping in mind the real needs of office across income and need segments.

We have a wide range of seating solutions for theatres, auditoriums, Schools, Institute and Colleges. From a single café seat to a tandem solution of over a thousand seats, Trends is equipped to handle all requirements across the category. We are a customer-friendly organization. We ensure that the needs of our customers are the focus of our actions. We also ensure that our products and services are superior in quality and exceed industry standards.

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School Furniture plays a very critical role in a child’s learning process. The make, size and dimension and the orientation of the right kind of furniture providesa certain mood and ambience to the classroom and can greatly influence the students’ comfort and behavior. For instance,proper seating arrangement with proper furniture results in informative communicationas perfect layout encourages better interaction between students and teachers.
Hence, it is exceptionally important to provide the right classroom furniture. Here are few important factors that should be taken into account when considering school furniture. School furniture manufacturers and School furniture suppliers also may like to consider these factors when designing furniture.

Design and Elasticity: The design and elasticity of the furniture must be aligned to the modern classroom teaching strategies and multi-grade teaching. Therefore, compromising on quality can lead to discomfort. As newer and better learning systems emerge, with classrooms becoming more and more dynamic, furniture needs to reciprocate accordingly. It should be easily reconfigured to support the required group sizes, enabling better communication and flexibility.

Ergonomics: It is now a proven fact that comfort leads to better learning. School furniture should be ergonomically sound, providing better relaxation to back muscles and shoulders, provided that students are required to sit in those chairs for the major part of the day. The furniture should be designed in a way that it supports body’s natural inclination to shift and change postures easily.

Variety and Customization: While purchasing school furniture one should also look at the different varieties available with school furniture manufacturers and suppliers. A school requires different kinds of furniture – for kindergarten, play area, library, Cafeteria etc. And all these different kinds of furniture should be designed to meet different needs.

Safety: One of the primary factors to consider when buying school furniture is the element of safety. The furniture should be child-friendly with no sharp edges and corners. They should be made with environment friendly material, should be coated with non-toxic paint etc. Care should be taken to see that no nails are jutting out from any corner to prevent accidents.
A combination of great outdoor and indoor spaces in a school is what accounts for a safe and friendly atmosphere and a good selection of furniture is definitely the first step in that direction.


Classroom learning and its effectiveness is determined by many different factors. The first and foremost is the teacher; followed by the learning environment. Do you think that the learning process will be desirable in a noisy and disturbing environment?Studies have shown that learning is more effective in a calm and serene environment without a lot of disturbances. Even the sincerest of students have a tough time absorbing knowledge if they are amidst a lot of commotion.
Another important factor that affects the learning process is the school furniture the students are subject to. Ergonomics, or the science of productivity based on environment, is a major factor that should be considered when selecting school furniture. How comfortable the student is affects his learning absorption capabilities. For example, a student may be having a hard time taking notes because he or she is not comfortably seated. This will not only prevent him/ her from taking notes properly, but also be detrimental to his or her health, and most importantly his posture. This can subsequently lead to other posture related diseases or ailments that will affect his overall health and well-being.
Although most school furniture is usually more expensive than regular furniture, school furniture manufacturers should pay special emphasis to ergonomics when designing their furniture.It will really prove to be a great investment for both the school and school furniture suppliers if they bear this in mind. A school will be able to give a better learning experience to its students only when its overall environment - both on the inside and the outside gives a sense of safety, security and well-being. So, it will really be worth it if all types of learning institutions invest in proper school furniture.
It's really crucial to look at the functionality of furniture in primary and secondary schools and how it helps the learning environment and interaction of students.Uncomfortable seating can result in bad posture and also make the students restless, which can affect their abilities to focus and absorb vital information. A good and comfortable posture, on the other hand helps the students to relax his back muscles and enjoy the learning process.
Learning is vital to the economy. It can become a very pleasurable experience if it is made easier by ensuring students' comfort and safety at all times.Nothing is more desirable than a properly planned and well equipped classroom with safe, durable and comfortable furniture.